Singer/songwriter Rich Beeston has toured the world, played major European festivals, and been heard on some of the world’s biggest TV shows, games and films… but his journey as a solo artist is only just beginning with the release of his debut single, COINCIDENCES, described by Steph Hughes from Triple J as “A total heartstring puller of a track with gorgeous glacially clear production”.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Rich is known for his talent of crafting soul-stirring lyrics and infectious melodies with indie pop-rock act All Mankind, and has clocked up some impressive stats along the way.

Rich’s music has hit the US Spotify Viral Top 50, been streamed over 3 million times, featured in major TV and film productions over 30 times, and been heard across the globe on KROQ, KCRW, BBC, Radio Eins, Flux FM, Bayern 3, Triple J and more.